Discover Unparalleled Warehouse Automation with Axial’s WES

Elevate your distribution or fulfillment operation with Axial’s warehouse execution software (WES). Seamlessly integrate your automated equipment and WMS—regardless of brand or type—without expensive custom coding or reliance on IT. Built by expert warehouse automation integrators, Axial’s WES bridges the gap between islands of automation, inventory, and orders to optimize your workflow in real-time. 

User-Friendly Dashboard for Easy Workflow Monitoring

From inbound receiving, putaway, storage, and replenishment to batching, picking, unit sorting, packing, manifesting, and outbound shipping, Axial’s WES monitors and adjusts workflows dynamically. You’ll experience maximized throughput, minimal bottlenecks, and an easy-to-navigate dashboard hub that centralizes all essential operations and status reporting.

User Interface

Customize your user interface view however you wish. Reposition and resize columns—and save those changes. Each user can also specify and save filters, applying them to any menu item to repeat the same display format.

Building Performance

Customizable per user, the Building Performance dashboard displays metrics for the entire system. Grouped by area or equipment type, you can tailor the view to meet your needs.

Wave Planning

See all of the system’s current waves and their progress toward competition, displayed in a percentage bar format. Via the context menu, drill down into the details of the wave, manage its status, and cancel it if necessary.

Predictive Monitoring

Get at-a-glance information about sorter capacity, rates, and scanner read rates. Utilize trends forecasting to help identify issues before they occur.

Integrate and Streamline Automation Connectivity

In addition to its user-friendly dashboard reporting functions, Axial’s modularly configurable WES is scalable and flexible. Deploy only the software modules your operation needs to integrate and synchronize a variety of automated material handling solutions. These include:

Case and Loop Sorters


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Cube-based Storage Systems

Label Printer / Applicator Lines

In-line Packaging

Pick-to-Light / Put-to-Light

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

On-demand Packaging Systems

Synchronize and Optimize Various Workflows

Providing oversight and synchronization of every material handling process within your operation, Axial’s WES optimizes and balances all workflows. It orchestrates current workload and dynamically releases orders to ensure continuous productivity and maximum labor utilization. This minimizes bottlenecks while maximizing thoughput and productivity in all areas of a facility, such as:



Order Finishing (Including routing, consolidation, and print/apply)

Value Added Services Areas

Case Management for Store Replenishment

Put Walls for Order Fulfillment

Picking by radio-frequency (RF) terminal, light-directed, cart-based, or AMR-based