Streamline Warehouse Automation, Software, and Workflows

Frustrated by a lack of insight into your entire distribution or fulfillment operation? Wish you could connect all your automated material handling equipment to your warehouse management system (WMS) without expensive custom coding or a hamstrung IT department Struggling to maintain steady workflows and consistent productivity amid a complicated hodgepodge of connections and communication protocols? Want the peace of mind that comes with owning your code instead of being locked into a proprietary software?



Axial’s WES easily interfaces with virtually every brand and type of automated equipment and WMS—including home-grown and legacy software.


Designed with simplicity at its core, Axial’s WES incorporates module-based configuration, allowing it to precisely meet your operation’s needs.


Axial’s WES is the linchpin that seamlessly connects and synthesizes islands of automation with inventory and orders.


As the central hub of your operation, Axial’s WES continually assesses the current state of all automation to streamline and orchestrate workflows in real-time.


Built from the ground up by a team of experienced warehouse automation integrators, Axial’s WES solves all the common challenges with automation, software, and workflow synchronization.


The Axial Advantage

No License Fees

Unlike other software on the market, Axial’s WES is not proprietary and therefore not subject to licensing or fees. You own it.

Fully Open-Architecture Platform

All of the source code driving Axial’s WES is provided to your site and open for modifications, enabling you to work with other vendors.

No Forced Upgrades

Your version of Axial’s WES is continuously and fully supported; you decide when to make updates and modifications. 

Product-Based / Customer-Focused Solutions

Modular & Scalable Design

Customizable User Interface

Microsoft-Based Platform

Easily Assigned, Customizable User Permissions

Real-Time User Notifications

Dashboard Driven

Easily Monitor Key Workflows

From inbound receiving, putaway, storage, and replenishment to batching, picking, unit sorting, packing, manifesting, and outbound shipping, Axial’s WES monitors and adjusts workflows dynamically. You’ll experience maximized throughput, minimal bottlenecks, and an easy-to-navigate dashboard hub that centralizes all essential operations and status reporting.

Markets Served




Food & Beverage



Transform Your Operations

Are you ready to transform your distribution center or fulfillment operation? Engage with Axial Innovative Solutions to learn more about unifying your automation, software, and workflows with our new WES.